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“Hi my name is Amna and I am a senior at Midwood High School and have been a part of the BCSTEP program for two years. This program enabled me to develop an interest in the STEM field by allowing me to intern in the biology department under the supervision of Dr. Anjana Saxena. Under her mentorship, I engaged in an independent project involving the role of nucleolar stress factors in the cellular DNA damage response. I believe that this program allowed me to think critically– designing experiments requires foresight and a thorough integration of many concepts learned in the classroom, abilities I think are important for an individual to possess, and that I hope I can continue to develop. Moreover, one of the many other great things about this program is its desire to see all of its students excel regardless of financial standing. This program provides aid to those students who are in need through free SAT prep sessions, test prep resources, and other enrichment programs.”
Amna Aslam, Midwood High School, Grade 12
“BCSTEP provides a well rounded fun and educational experience, which can captivate the interest of more advanced participants and still give a firm foundation for anyone new to build on.”
Ethan Ikegami, Dyker Heights, Grade 8
“Joining the BCSTEP program has allowed me to explore new experiences. It gave me the opportunity to experiences the atmospheres of a working lab, to work with and to learn from an experienced research crew.”
ShuHui Li, Midwood High School, Grade 12
“As a participant in BCSTEP I felt that it has helped me to build a greater interest in science fields, such as forensics, after conducting fun experiments in the lab. I learned much about various vertebrate animals through my dissections of fishes and sharks. I enjoyed this program because there was a small class setting where I was able to work closely with my teacher and peers. I also enjoyed that the lessons were very hands-on, which allowed me to be an active learner in the program.”
Chelsea Douge, Brooklyn College Academy, Grade 11
“Through my experiences at BCSTEP and in the research lab, I have garnered an extraordinary amount of interest to pursue a STEM field. My research experience fully solidified my mindset on pursuing a STEM field because they gave me much needed hands-on experience working in an actual lab. The people and team that you work and interact with is beyond supportive of your endeavors and will fully stand beside you. You develop a sense of family through the program and would never feel alone in your works. You learn from the lab and also the lessons taught but you also learn from each other. I am very satisfied on how much BCSTEP and research has influenced me in my goals. This experience has driven me to strive for success and I can proudly claim that I am attending a combined B.S/M.D program in the fall!”
Nicky Chan, Midwood High School, Grade 12