It is a great resource to get involved in science from the comfort of your own home and contribute to a community in answering questions. Choose from a variety of projects and tasks and communicate with others. Zooniverse is a great way to get you thinking and be a part of research. 


Sometimes reading about topics is simply not enough, PhET provides students with supplementary interactive science and math simulations. Simulations are organized by grade level and by topics, which include physics, biology, chemistry, earth science, and math. Try PhET today to learn about color vision, building a molecule, microwaves, and more. 

New York Cares

Volunteering is a great way to feel like a part of a community, meet great people, and get informed. New York Cares offers youth volunteering opportunities in the form of Teen group and family friendly options. All you need to do is to create an account and complete a simple orientation.  Volunteering projects are updated frequently and offer a variety of activities in parks, schools, gardens and more. To learn more about New York cares, click the icon below.

The Scientific American

A casual way read, watch, or listen to stories including the sciences, mind, health, tech, sustainability, and education. The scientific american is also a producer of podcasts: ScienceTalk and 60-Second Science. 

The Biology Corner

This site provides activities, printouts, small readings, and more for anatomy, cell biology, evolution, genetics, ecology, and scientific methods. This source can be used in addition to what you're learning in class. 


The exploratorium is not just a recourse for stirring curiosity online, but also in a public laboratory in California. 

Sparks 101

Free 10-minute STEM related videos. 

The Concord Consortium

A research company dedicated to science, math, and engineering with an emphasis on technology. Their website is a source for al types of resources categorized by grade level, subject matter, and resource type. 


There's a podcast for everything these days, why not use this media to get excited about STEM. Below are some great podcasts to get you thinking.

Youtube Channels

Below are some great channels to help you with the materials you learn in class and others to open up a whole new world of STEM.